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Driving Careers Forward

Drayton Hawthorn is a boutique search firm specializing in recruiting superior talent for organizations in the insurance and employee benefits fields. With over 20 years of executive search experience, founder John Mallon provides personal attention and extensive experience that is rarely found in larger recruiting organizations.

Developed over the years, our market expertise and wealth of industry knowledge has proven to be invaluable to our clients. With a remarkably large database of candidates who personally know us, ranging from individual contributors to division presidents, we can provide unmatched speed and quality to every search. Our close relationships with our clients and candidates are what set us apart, and it’s what our clients count on every time we partner on a search.

But we live in an ever-changing economic environment, so we don’t stop with a simple database search. Every new project requires a creative approach, and this includes in-depth sourcing of new talent. We work closely with our clients on each position, whether it’s for a Senior Underwriter or a Senior Vice President, to truly understand not just the job description but even more importantly, the opportunities and challenges of the role itself. Only in this way can we be assured that our clients are able to evaluate candidates with records of outstanding success, and thus insure a positive outcome to the search. And it is in this way that over 80% of our business is repeat business; our clients believe in our ability to deliver, time and time again.

There is nothing more critical to your organization’s ability to thrive than its people and their superior performance, and to attract such people it requires search partners that, while not the largest or cheapest, deliver the greatest value for your recruiting investment. Look to Drayton Hawthorn to provide you with your future leaders who will drive your organization to unprecedented levels of success and prosperity.

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